Rice Quality Inspection


Rice Quality Inspection aims to check, measure and test the quality of rice. It determines that the rice being delivered meets buyers’ quality needs and standard requirements. It provides businesses with confidence that the product has the required properties in terms of safety & quality.

Quality Inspection is important simply because poor quality increase global cost of your order, and mainly you didn’t expect it in advance. Quality Inspection helps rice importers or buyers secure the best possible quality with the supplier he’s working with already. Rice Inspection Service ensures that what you ordered is what you receive, which means save time, money, and avoid headaches.


The rice quality inspection involves wide range of inspection & analysis activities at the packing location. They are as follows:

Rice Quality Inspection

• Crop Age
• Rice Purity
• Admixture
• Grain Length
• Moisture in the rice
• Breakage
• Whiteness
• Damaged Discoloured Grain
• Red/ Black/ Green Grain
• Cooking Analysis

The Rice Professionals validate the ones which meet all the criteria and if the rice does not meet all the agreed specification then no compromises are made even if it means rejecting the fully processed batch.


Quality is the primary concern and no comprises should be made with the quality. There are many benefits of quality inspection. Some of them are:Rice Inspection Benefits

1. Encourages quality consciousness – Quality Inspection encourages quality consciousness among the workers which in turn helps in achieving the desired level of quality in the rice.

2. Satisfaction of consumers – Quality Inspection proves very beneficial to the consumers as well because they get better quality products on account of quality control. They get product with the desired quality.

3. Reduction in production cost – The production costs are reduced as the process of quality inspection checks the production of inferior products and wastage that in turn help to reduce the cost of production considerably.

4. Most effective utilisation of resources – The Quality Inspection ensures the maximum utilisation of available resources and it helps in minimising the wastage and inefficiency of every kind that can occur.

The Rice Professionals make sure that the rice delivered to the buyers meets their quality criteria.


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