Rice Inspection


Huge containers of rice are exported from India to other countries, chances are that the container may be returned when the quality of rice is poor or when rice has been packed into bags which are not properly stitched and have slipped out resulting in grain loss.

Rice Importers can reduce considerably risks related to above issues by getting the rice quality, packaging & overall handling checked prior to shipment at the supplier’s premises so that they don’t have to send back their container, waste time or run behind the supplier.

The principle involved in inspection is the early detection of defects & protect yourself with any unpleasant experience. Inspection ensure suppliers’ work according to agreed quality standards and provides businesses with confidence that the product has the required properties in terms of quality & safety.

Rice Inspection is an inspection service to ensure that the rice quality, packaging you need is not compromised at any level right from processing to the final dispatch. Rice inspection includes inspection of the quality of rice, how it is packed and how it is loaded after it is packed. The aim of rice inspection is simple which is to make sure buyers/ importers get value rice for their money.

Why Rice Inspection is required?

Rice Inspection is required to avoid risk of receiving inferior quality of Rice and to cut back on the shipment losses especially when you are an overseas buyer. Rice Inspection prior to shipment from packing unit is a must for overseas buyer because a poor & inferior quality move can give them trouble with their end customers and can damage their company’s reputation. So, it is required to inspect complete rice supply cycle, start from processing to dispatch to ensure supply of quality rice in good condition.

The Rice Professionals Inspection Service

Rice Shipment Quality issue can be avoided with buyer’s presence at packing location during packing of rice bags, but most of the time it is not physically possible for the rice importers to check by their own at supplier’s premises because of distance & time constraints. So, when their presence is not feasible at packing location, there is a need of someone, on whom they can rely on to check their rice shipment.

To inspect rice and evaluate them on standardized parameters you need quality controllers and we are proud to say that we have the best quality personnel which meet this requirement. We, The Rice Professionals leverage our services as a buyer’s representative and take care of every aspect of rice quality shipment, right from processing to dispatch from mill.

Rice Inspection Service

Types of Inspection and How We Do It

1) Quality Inspection – First, we draw a sample from the allotted lot. After that we physically analyse the rice grains and check cooking result to ensure the purity and the proportion of other elements mixed with the rice. Inspection of grain length, moisture, broken% etc. is also given complete attention so that the shipment contains quality rice and nothing else.

Rice Quality Inspection

2) Packing Inspection – First, we check the printing quality, bag quality, nutritional tags, bar code, etc to ensure the printing & bag quality is according to the international market. After this we closely check weighing scale accuracy, bag net weight, sealing, stitching and supervise overall handling.

3) Loading Inspection – We ensure that the packed and inspected rice is safely loaded in the container. Before that we check container fitness & make sure the container is safe for storage and is free of odour, moisture or any other unwanted condition. Once this is done, we supervise loading, check the count & oversee container’s fumigation.

Rice Loading Inspection

Our rigorous attention to all the steps included in the shipment process helps you get the rice of the optimum quality and in perfect shape. We keep you updated about each process & provide real-time reporting directly from packing location. Our reporting makes you feel that you are actually present at the packing location inspecting each process by yourself. Our quality controllers honour their duty and follow a set of rules that result in quality rice for overseas buyers every time.

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