Rice Supplier Verification


In the matter of commodities and especially rice, there can be a gap between what a supplier promises and what you receive as an overseas buyer because good quality samples do not mean the supply will be of the same quality. So, it is of the utmost importance to select the right supplier with whom you can consider working for your requirement.

What is supplier verification and factory audit?

Supplier verification and factory audit service is a way to know supplier’s capability, ethical standards, manufacturing, quality, consistency and reliability. You get a true picture of the supplier and his infrastructure.

Why is it indispensable for buyers?

  • Supplier verification and factory audit is indispensable for buyers for a number of reasons. Manufacturers and sellers will make any promise because they want to sell their stocks and turn it into cash. They may send good samples, but actual supply may vary a lot.
  • Rice so supplied may not meet international standards as regards various parameters and could cause shipments to be held up at import time and cause a loss to buyer. Quality of materials could also make it impossible for buyer to sell rice in his markets and this leads to long drawn process of rejection/refunds/replacements.

Benefit of supplier and factory audit to buyers

  • You get a true picture of the supplier, his standing in markets, ethics, approach to business and customer service.
  • You get a true picture of the factory, its manufacturing equipment and process, quality standards, hygiene levels, inspections, management systems, concern for environment, packing and other procedures they follow.
  • You get absolute assurance of consistency and perfection in the rice you buy, knowing that it conforms to all required parameters and that you can sell it with confidence.

What we do in supplier and factory audit

Rice Factory Verification

Our Supplier verification and factory audit services are thorough and takes care of all due diligence in evaluating a supplier and his factory from all perspectives. On reaching an understanding we initiate the process which comprises of:

  • Evaluation of a supplier and his credentials and investigation of his standing in the markets.
  • Visit to the factory to observe how manufacturing is carried out, equipment and processes in use, hygiene standards, quality check process, integrity of their approach and ethical standards.
  • We take photographs and videos with the factory owner’s permission and full understanding that these will be given to buyers.
  • We compile a report and send it along with video and photographs.

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