India produces many varieties of rice and there are end numbers of rice suppliers but getting involved with a right supplier for your requirement is sometimes a challenge for buyers from distant locations because it is not always feasible or practical to come and personally evaluate supplier and his factory for rice requirement. This is where we, The Rice Professionals, step in and relieve you of all worries.

With our technical competence, knowledge, and expertise about all aspects of rice, we evaluate manufacturers with respect to performance, quality standards & manufacturing process. We on behalf of buyer, personally visit supplier’s factory and provides buyer with supplier & it’s infrastructure’s information in the form of images & documents so that buyer can take a wise business decision in finalizing a supplier for his requirement. We provide supplier factory screening service to ensure you don’t end up with a supplier unable to deliver goods as per your needs and saves you from potential risks of late shipment, refund, rejection & replacements.

Work Flow

Evaluation of supplier credentials and his standing in the market.
On a positive background check, we request manufacturer or supplier for factory visit.
On the scheduled date we visit factory to observe infrastructure, production line & manufacturing process.
We take photographs and videos of infrastructure, machinery, equipment, stock & hygiene conditions.
We compile our investigation report and send it to you along with video and photographs.


We take photographs and videos with the factory owner’s permission and with full understanding that these will be given to buyer.