As the name suggests quality inspection is all about checking the quality of the Rice. Quality Inspection determines a product characteristic and provides businesses with confidence that the product has the required properties in terms of safety & quality. There are a lot of criteria for Rice quality inspection that we make sure are checked before we declare it is fit for packing. We have a well-defined set of parameters covering batch and random testing at all stages to ensure that product’s quality is maintained or improved.

Our quality inspection involves wide range of inspection & analysis activities at packing location. We check Cooking Result, Crop Age, Rice Purity, Admixture, Grain Length, Moisture, Broken, Whiteness, Damaged Discolor Grains, Red/ Black/ Green Grains and only validate the ones which meet all the criteria. Product quality from one batch to the next is crucial so to maintain the uniformity, we remain present at the packing location and conducts quality analysis & cooking test every time the funnel gets new lot of rice. If the product is not as per agreed specification, we do not comprise even if it means rejecting a fully processed batch.

Work Flow

We request the Supplier for processed rice sample for initial investigation.
Upon approval of the sample, the supplier schedules the packaging date & inform us.
On the scheduled date, quality inspector reaches packing location and draw sample from the running lot.
Quality Inspector conducts physical quality analysis including cooking test to examine the rice quality.
Quality Inspector sends analysis report to the buyer for his approval.


  • Quality tests will be conducted for each fresh lot of rice to maintain quality consistency.
  • Buyer will be updated on every step of the process with use of WhatsApp, IMO and even live Video reporting.