Supervising the packing process ensures that the rice is packaged in the clean and hygienic environment keeping in mind various packaging quality parameters but many do not give packaging as much importance as it requires & all the hard work which have  been done to bring the rice to its commercial value is wasted if proper amount of care and attention have not been given to the packaging which it deserves.

It is very important to check if rice is safely packed in good hygiene condition and all quality parameters have been taken into consideration because packaging is a vital component of supply side. We closely inspect the packing materials burst strength, printing quality, bar-code, nutritional tags, bag net weight, sealing, stitching and supervise overall packing & handling to make sure all parameters are followed & packaging is perfect for the international market.

Work Flow

After receiving approval from buyer on quality, Quality Inspector asks Supplier to start packing process.
Quality Inspector checks bag quality, printing quality, bar cod validation, stitching quality, weighing scale accuracy, net weight of the bag.
Quality Inspector randomly checks the filled bag weight, bag sealing/ stitching, zipper, master bag and the overall handling of the bags.
Quality Inspector gets the final packing done under closed supervision and secure the place where packed bags are kept.


  • The quality inspector will not leave the mill premises unless the entire lot is packed.
  • Buyer will be updated on every step of the process with use of WhatsApp, IMO and even live Video reporting.