Supervising the loading process is highly crucial to ensure that the rice bags are loaded in way that there is no scope of damage while in transit. Rice has passed both the quality and packing parameters but that is not all, one must ensure and guarantee that the loading of the bags must be handled with care.

We supervise loading to ensure rice bags are safely loaded and satisfactorily secured for transport. We check container fitness on various parameters like cleanliness, dryness, free of odor & leak proof to ensure rice bags do not sustain damage in transit. After container’s fitness test, we supervise loading of the rice bags & tally bags count. Once bags are stuffed in the container, we seal the container & oversee the fumigation to keep away pests & foreign matters.

Work Flow

Quality Inspector inspects the container for cleanliness, water resistance, odor and dryness.
Quality Inspector recommends necessary sanitation procedures to ensure it is free of bacteria and pests.
Quality Inspector supervises stuffing of bags into container and tally the bags count with the order sheet.
Quality Inspector gets the container sealed and fumigation done in his presence.
Quality Inspector takes the final picture of the container, seal number and leave the packing location after final reporting.


  • Loading Supervision will be carried out if container gets loaded/ stuffed at mill/ packing location.
  • Buyer will be updated on every step of the process with use of WhatsApp, IMO and even live Video reporting.