Rice Bags Packaging Supervision


Packaging Supervision is necessary part of rice inspection. The process of packaging supervision ensures that the rice bags are properly packed so that shipment arrives at the destination without any damage.


Packaging Supervision ensures that the amount of care and attention is given to the packaging that it deserves. Packaging Inspection services include checking the bags:
• Burst Strength
• Printing Quality
• Bar-Code Validation
• Nutritional Tags
• Bag Net Weight
• Sealing
• Stitching
• Overall Handling


Packaging plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the product while in transit. Hence, once the quality of a processed lot is found to be satisfactory, the QA process does not really end there. You need an expert to determine and foresee various loopholes in the packing process that can cause a potential damage to the rice lots. The Rice Professionals take care that the all aspects of packing are properly checked before the rice bags are shipped. Each and every parameter like bag quality, printing, sealing, stitching, optimum weight and overall handling is properly checked.

Packaging supervision provides protection to the rice during handling in a warehouse or when the item is being packed.


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