Considering our efforts to safeguard your interest, we provide our export inspection services at a very nominal charges.

Considering the value of the rice shipment, inspection charge is very nominal but with this nominal investment towards inspection, you can keep an eye on your shipment and can know in advance about your rice shipment directly from the packing unit so that if there is any gap between contractual agreement & delivery, a corrective action can be taken before it dispatches from packing unit.

With our rice inspection services, you will get to know:

  1. The quality of rice getting packed in your brand.
  2. The quality of bag material, printing, text content.
  3. Net weight of the empty & filled bags.
  4. Hygiene condition considered while packing of rice in your brand.
  5. Overall handling of bags during packing & loading.
  6. Container’s hygiene condition & Bags count loaded in the container.
  7. Container’s sealed number, fumigation report & dispatch status.
  8. Supplier credentials, capability, performance, infrastructure, manufacturing equipment, hygiene standards etc.
Rice Export Inspection Service Charges