Got Questions on Rice Inspection Service? We’ve Got Answers!

We’ve have listed our responses to your most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Rice Inspection – Quality Inspection, Packing Inspection & Loading Inspection Service.

Q: What is the need for Rice Inspection Services?

A: Rice quality, packaging & loading should be inspected prior to shipment at the premises of the supplier to ensure that the rice quality you need is not comprised at any level right from processing to the final dispatch. Inspection ensure suppliers’ work according to agreed quality standards and by having an expert ISO certified quality controller like us by your side gives you the mental peace of working with suppliers in a foreign country.

Q: How to apply for The Rice Professionals Inspection Service for Rice Shipment from India?

A: E-mail us your rice shipment (Rice Variety, Quantity, Packing & Supplier’s location) details at or contact us through Call / WhatsApp at +919711994117 for your inspection requirement. We will send you detailed estimation of the costs & service agreement based on the details received from you. You have to send us your approval  on the cost estimate and service agreement acceptance on mail and after that we will be on board for your service.

Q. For what all processes, do you conduct the quality inspection?

A. The Rice Professionals Inspection Services oversee on your behalf complete supply cycle of rice shipment, starts from processing to the dispatch which includes Quality Inspection, Analysis, Packing Inspection, Loading Supervision, Survey, Reporting & certification of Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice.

Q: How do I get to know that the quality inspection is carried out the way it should be?

A: We will send you quality analysis report, real time pictures and live videos directly from packing location to support the authenticity of our findings. You can also request for live video streaming through Skype, DUO, WhatsApp to see process by yourself. Apart from this, based on our findings at packing location, we will issue Certificate of Inspection along with our invoice for your reference.

Q: What are the various inclusions of your quality analysis report?

A: Our analysis report will include all the essential details as well as pictures that will cover:

  • Product appearance
  • Rice purity level
  • Natural admixture level
  • Grain length
  • Moisture level
  • Broken percentage
  • Whiteness score
  • Crop age
  • Cooking analysis
  • Bag strength & stitching quality
  • Bag material & print quality
  • Bag net weight, bar code/ nutritional tags, shipping marks, etc.

Q: How do you ensure that the supplier provides pure quality rice & not blended with other varieties?

A: To ensure dispatch of right quality of rice, we conduct physical quality analysis that includes tests to check: rice variety, purity level, grain length, crop age, moisture content, color etc. We also perform a cooking analysis prior to packing and afterwards to ascertain the quality of rice.

Q: What assurances do we have of the age and crop year of the rice?

A: We can only validate crop age i.e., OLD or NEW based on our physical quality analysis & cooking test results. Crop year can only be validated by the manufacturer.

Q: Do you have quality test processes in place to ensure the cooked rice grains have uniform length, are not sticky and that the starch and moisture content is right?

A: We have a full spectrum of tests that start with pre-process stage, process stage and end with packing for various parameters such as uniformity of physical dimensions and color of grains, starch content, moisture level etc. We also do cooking test before packing starts and in between packing and share cooking result analysis with buyer in the form of pictures/ videos through convenient mode of communication.

Q: Do you carry out random sampling tests to ensure uniformity of weight of bags during and after filling?

A: Yes, we have defined processes to check for weight consistency for bags during filling and after filling and prior to final sealing. We take real time digital photos of the process and send it to buyers.

Q: Who will approve or reject the shipment?

A: We inspect the shipment as per your instructions, specifications and the international standard criteria. We share our detailed analysis report with you to help you decide whether to approve the shipment or not.

Q: How much time will you take in providing the report?

A: Our supervisor will begin the process of sending you real-time quality analysis report, graphical & live videos right from the mill itself. Inspection certificate will be issued within 3 days of the inspection along with the service invoice.

Q: What kind of quality documents you provide?

A: We are an ISO certified Inspection agency in India & based on our findings at packing location we provide detailed Quality Analysis Report & issue Certificate of Inspection along with our invoice.

Q: Do you offer the supervision assistance for loading operations?

A: Yes, if the rice bags will get loaded in the container at packing location. If the rice bags get loaded in the container, we 1st conduct a thorough check of the container at the parking site on various essential parameters including cleanliness, water resistance, free of odour, dryness and then we supervise the loading of the bags, tally the bag count, sealing of the container & fumigation so that the final batches are rightly intact when they reach your destination.

Q: What all information do I have to provide you as a buyer before you begin the quality inspection process?

A: As a buyer, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Order sheet/ details which confirm your order with the supplier.
  • A letter to authorize us to inspect and supervise the overall process on your behalf.
  • Supplier’s detail along with packing location complete address.
  • Rice variety & it’s specifications agreed between you and the supplier.
  • Bag/ Packing design & it’s specifications agreed between you and the supplier.
  • A mobile number for WhatsApp/ Viber or IMO to send live updates.